Welcome To The Prospectors Patch

Engagement with the Prospecting Community

The Prospectors Patch philosophy involves close engagement with the prospecting industry to facilitate, encourage and support those with a passion and respect for Australia’s heritage as a land of exploration, discovery and “wealth for toil”.

We as a team are deeply committed to the ethos of Australia as a land of opportunity, including its rich heritage in prospecting, discovery and “Seeking Adventure” by “Hunting Treasure” and “Going for Gold”.

This philosophy of engagement with the industry and the prospecting community continues to promote and stimulate interest in an occupation as old as the country itself. The benefits of this philosophy of active involvement flow to serious prospectors and part-time enthusiasts alike. The Prospectors Patch has a love of, and a respect for, prospecting in its veins; searching for the hidden riches of our ancient continent is quite simply an inextricable part of our cultural and national identity.

With this passion driving its commitment, The Prospectors Patch is always at-the-ready to assist prospectors and maintain Australia’s great traditions for adventure, exploration and discovery.