Welcome to Bob and Nancy’s Geological Tour Site!  This is our attempt to help everyone appreciate and understand the rocks we see about us, those most fundamental objects that we take for granted in our everyday lives.  Our goal is to enthuse, educate and provide an insight into the processes and products of the geological forces which have shaped this ancient land.

We do this by providing descriptions of many of the places that we visit professionally and as tourists.  In some places we have designed self-drive tours.  Our descriptions are pitched at a level that most people with limited geological background will understand.

This site is expanding slowly. It will continue to grow as we travel, and as we have time to convert our observations into meaningful and enlightening descriptions.  You will notice that most of the areas we have described are in northeastern New South Wales.  That is because the New England region of New South Wales, Australia is our backyard, the area that we have chosen to commence writing about first. We are constantly broadening our horizons, and have added  tours of New Zealand.