Let Dan from Glencoe guide you to fossicking nervana. With guided and self-guided fossicking expeditions on the famous Yarrow Creek and Sara River - some of the richest gem fields in the world where top quality Sapphires are in abundance.

Our tours provide exclusive access to private properties on these waterways.


$50 per person per day, gives you a meet and greet at Glencoe and fossicking at Yarrow Creek on private property.

$250 per person per day, gives you a meet and greet at Glencoe, a highly experienced guide for the day, and access to an Exclusive Secret location that is very rich in a wide range of gemstones -  if any one fossicking tour could 'guarantee' excellent paydirt, then this tour would be at the top of the list. Other locations are available.

Contact:  Dan on     0400 769 962

Find topaz, sapphire, zircon, garnet, gold, tin, quartz crystals and other minerals.


Rough and Faceted local stone is available from the shop.


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